Scans & Gyneacologists

Your journey will start with two important compulsory scans that need to be done at 12 and 20 weeks to check that baby is developing well and that there are no abnormalities. These can be done by a gynaecologist or Maryke (083 382 4742) at Genesis Clinic.


Genesis Clinic requires that you see one of our backup gynaecologists at least once in your pregnancy.  This gynaecologists will provide medical back-up for your pregnancy, labour and your baby’s birth, and will be called should he/she be needed. Please book an appointment to see one of the following doctors at 28 & 36 weeks of pregnancy.


Dr. R. Mia

Garden City

(Practice  No. 0208337)

011 495 5222

011 830 0663

066 111 4775

Please book 3 months in advance


Dr. N.Sikakane

Linkwood  -  011 485 3250

Bedford Gardens  -  011 622 8470