Birth Preparation


1. Evening Primrose Oil from the start of your 37th week. It is a hormonal fatty acid that softens the cervix in preparation for labour. Use the 500mg capsule: swallow 1 every morning, afternoon and evening, and insert 1 capsule vaginally before going to
bed. Please do not continue taking the Omegas that are part of your pregnancy supplements.

2. Raspberry Leaf Tablets from the start of your 37th week.
It makes your uterus more responsive to oxytocin, thus should speed up your labour. It also facilitates sleep
Drink 2 tablets three times per day. Alternatively, you can use the Raspberry extract or Raspberry tea (3 cups per day); or
Raspberry Leaf Tincture.

3. Rescue Remedy is very good to ease anxiety during labour. We prefer Bach Flower Remedy spray.

4. If this is not your first baby, please buy Mypaid (available without a prescription, and safe for breastfeeding women) as pain
relief for the intense after-birth pains. These usually last ± 4 days postnatally.

5. Glycerine suppositories are useful to aid emptying of the bowel before birth. It is a good idea to buy it at least.

6. Dept. of Home Affairs will arrange an unabridged birth certificate if you hand in your documents at Genesis Clinic. Please
make copies of both parents’ ID documents and your marriage certificate (if applicable) and pack them in your labour bag
to take to the clinic.


7. If you choose to vaccinate, the vaccines are available at Genesis Clinic.

8. Hearing test. Please discuss with your partner whether you would like this test to be performed whilst you are at the clinic (R400), or whether you will do it at 6 weeks.